Why would a well trained and very marketable SAG actor drop everything to become Hollywoods Premiere Homeless Character Actor?

This is the most common question I get from those who have known me in the past or who have met me and encountered all that is and has become of a man now many simply call Hollywoods Homeless.

Having spent years as a character actor for Universal Studios and many years as a member of their Western Stunt Team, I learned the importance of bringing across a believable and realistic portrayal of characters that actually exist and the viewer would expect to see and relate to.


I found it all too common that actors were not willing to take the extra steps needed to bring to life these characters and become them. Viewers were seeing actors pretending to be people instead of simply seeing true to life persons interacting in the scene playing out on the screen in front of them.

1800's Homeless man (National AT&T commercial)

But it is not enough to just be able to act, expecially for homeless characters, one must learn what it is like to be homeless.

On the screen in the past homeless men looked like actors who didn't shave for a day. Thats not real. I have learned to grow my beard and mat my hair in realistic visual looks of a true man of the streets.

Along with this I have spent countless hours living with and learning from men that have not lived in a home for many years. I have taken what I gleened from them and have formed a character that not only looks real but acts real. Whether it be a crazy, goofy portrayal or a deep thinking pilisophical street person, I have mastered the realism of them.

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